Vyacheslav Kostyukov was born on the eve of World War II in Kyiv. His childhood and juvenile years passed in Russia. It was in 1953 that he started dealing with a camera. It has become his permanent life partner. He used to work as a teacher of physical training, later a press-photographer.
    Vyacheslav Kostyukov's career was to great extend determined by a woman's beauty. His commitment to sport and poetry opened the foot gates towards life.
    Vyacheslav Kostyukov is a member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine and a member of the International Litterateurs and Journalists League.
    The first personal photo exhibition took place in April, 1969 in Zbarazh, Ternopil region whereas his first erotic photos were exhibited in Ternopil, 1971.
    Vyacheslav Kostyukov is the author of the string of photo exhibitions: "Woman Is My Love", Moscow 1989, " and Lord Created a Woman", Kyiv, 1990, the latest exhibition "My Love is a Woman. A Photographer's Model Olesya: Her Creative Work. The World Viewed by Olesya's Eyes", Zaporizhya, 2004.
    The exhibition was held at the Superme Council of Ukraine, Kyiv - 2004 and Chelsea Old Town, London - 2008.
    In addition, Vyacheslav Kostyukov's photos were exhibited in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ufa, Brest, Homel', Minsk, Lviv, Sochi, Zaporizhya, Kharkiv,Tomsk, Barnaul, Novosybirsk, Kyiv, Ternopil.
    Moralists used to criticize his works up to the highest measure of punishment - photos being burned.
    "In mind's eye I set a frame , then a title, and only after that I transfer it to a photo film. I've got a direction-staged style. I enjoy combining woman's beauty with nature. I like the flaunting performance of light and colour".
    "A photo size 4050, 4060 and 30x40. I've got a catalogue of 161 photos. I am grateful to Tetyana Prytula, Ihor Naumenko, Volodymyr Naidukh, Tetyana Kostyukova , Mariya Venyarska for their assistance in setting up the exhibition".
    "My favoutite colour is white, flower - chrysanthemum, an artist - Goja, a sculptor - Roden. I am amazed with the poetry of Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, Simonov. My favorite season is autumn. The photoartist R. Baron is my intimate lifelong friend and creative works' supporter".

Yours sincerely,
Vyacheslav Kostyukov.

    The exhibition co-author is Olesya Nepyivoda, a member of International Litterateurs and Journalists League, Miss Prykarpyattya Press 1999, a photomodel of Western Ukraine 2000.
    The personal photo show was held in Zaporizhya, 2005, a participant of the photographic exhibition " Women of the World Are Taking Pictures", Kyiv 2006, had her photos exhibited in Chelsea Old Town Hall, London.

    The photographic exhibition was filled with a work of my teacher Roman Baran the internationally famous photographic master, who is the author of the unique portraits for which he received nine gold medals including photographic exhibition My love is a women; and photo of my models: Olesia Canada, Svitlana, city of Kyiv and my daughter Tetiana.
    Deep gratitude for providing works to Roman Baran and Oleh Burbovskyi who worked together, Stepan Okotsinskyi Barans laboratory assistant and daughter of the master Roman Baran. The exhibition will be titled He and she are the moments that are perfect. A great request to the visitors of the site of Europe and other countries to propose exhibitions to the museums. I am searching for the sponsors from everlasting, sponsors supported art, I am dreaming about International association of the exhibition leasing. I stopped working with the metrical gauge as transport movement is very expensive because of the subside weigh. Today the exhibition is up to 200 works, two aluminum boxes on the wheels with 75 cm length. The name of the great master should not fade away, deep gratitude to him I rise from the ranks; I dont know how but it is a great honor for me that my teachers works are on my site. Watch the gallery Nr 6.

An exhibition is Moscow-Russia, June 2009

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Vyacheslav Kostyukov